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Foreign language as language of instruction:  see English There is possibility to organize teaching in Spanish

Information about bilingual classes. Subjects taught in foreign language. Different form of teaching in foreign language. Other important information. :

page Public Preschool Number 20  offers classes in English for all age groups as well as Spanish  for 5-6 year old  children. We are experienced in taking care of foreign language speakers.

We specialize in developing  children’s intelligence and cognitive skills. We use school designed programs promoting children’s intellectual and emotional development.

We also use one of the best  European  educational  programs called ‘ Key  to learning’. Our teachers  pay special attention  to developing  children’s  talents.

Public  Preschool  Number 20 offers  classes in arts, music, and drama for all students. We offer  activities  developing cognitive, logical and math skills as well as sport   activities. For 5-6 year olds  we realize  natural  reading  program which is based on innovative  method of direct associations. Our students have been winning  first prizes  in numerous art and sport  competitions. Our children are  very well prepared  for elementary school. Public Preschool  Number 20  received  Certificate of High Quality  ‘Partner  Preschool’. The high standards  of  teaching  have been confirmed by results of scientific  research conducted by  Technical University of Opole (Politechnika Opolska) which point at “high level of students’ cognitive development, as well as high, definitely above average development of students’ intelligence and creativity.”  

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